Brown Skinned Beauty

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Everything In Between, What I See, What I Think
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The topic of the color of my skin has always been a popular subject. I’ve come to simply explain that I am part Native American, which usually squashes the subject. The truth is I have no idea why my skin is able to change color so drastically when exposed to sunlight. I know that on my mother’s side, mostly Irish and Native American, seems to be the dominating cultural influence on my appearance. As well as my German and Austrian roots from Dad’s side.

It’s irritating and complementing all at the same time. I get those who obviously have some kind of issue with it. Why I have no idea. Then on the flip side, I get those who tell me I look beautiful. It’s a bit trying at times.

I felt racism at a young age and from those who were fellow brown skinned individuals. I hung out with mostly Filipino and Black friends. I never felt like I belonged with the White kids.  Growing up in California the sunshine was never an issue. I would glow a deep coffee brown color for most of the year and never thought anything of it. During High School, a time I despised, I realized I didn’t look like everyone else.  My blonde hair and deep blue eyes did not add up to most when paired with my skin that never seemed to sunburn, no matter how much baby oil I rubbed on it.

As an adult woman I have learned to explain things depending on the situation. I no longer feel the need to jump to the normal excuse of being part Native American, however I do result to that from time to time. My mother laughs when she catches me using that excuse, but she doesn’t understand that when you look different, you need to have an explanation.

  1. buddy71 says:

    blonde, blue and tanned skin? i would think you were a surfer chick. people are too cruel and stupid. i was blonde, blue but always burned. just hope you learned to ignore the hatters


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